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I currently serve as Showrunner for The Sean Spicer Show. After a successful launch in October 2023, The Sean Spicer Show ​has amassed nearly 100K followers, nearing 10K downloads per episode. As the show continues to grow and develop, I serve ​as writer, producer and director. I craft episodic scripts, tailoring long-forms discussions with the most prevalent and insightful ​guests in the world of politics and Conservative culture. I work collaboratively with my team in all creative, productive and ​marketing aspects. We air five nights a week on The First TV network and broadcast on all video and audio platforms, including ​YouTube, Rumble, Meta, X, Spotify, and Apple podcasts with exclusive content on Locals.


Current narrative project in development. Goldy is a 121 minute action/thriller packed with complex family dynamics, greed, ​corruption, betrayal and redemption. As Christian filmmakers we borrow heavily from Christian principles but this film will strike ​a chord with a global secular audience. We are incredibly excited as Goldy is our first feature film venture as co-writers and co-​directors. Please read our one-pager below...







Blueprint of an Airplane
Airplane Gear

Gold Dynamics

"Gold Standard in Integrity"

Side View of an Airplane


LOGLINE: Goldy, a paroled convict living in Los Angeles, is struggling to adopt his new found Christian faith while being bent on revenge. Originally imprisoned for his time spent as a vigilante quelling a criminal uprising, Goldy must now face his past with new eyes, and find a way to redeem and rebuild the life he single-handedly destroyed.

SUMMARY: Parole has been granted to Darwin Gold, a.k.a. Goldy. Five years have passed since Goldy took to the streets and laid waste to an infestation of crime destroying his community in Los Angeles. He's a hero in his own right, an enemy in the eyes of the city’s gang lords, and a born again Christian who found the Lord in prison. Goldy reunites with his estranged son, Leland Jr., now eight years old. Leland was born out of wedlock to the lovely but troubled Cambria. Goldy knows that his family will only give him a second chance if he’s able to control his anger and lead an upstanding life.

In the vein of American History X and Carlito's Way, we learn about Goldy, his sorted past and his new identity in Christ. Goldy’s only blood relation is his cold and distant Grandfather, Leland Gold. Leland built an aerospace empire with his protege Gabriel Pattinson. Gabriel is a savvy businessman, upstanding member of the community and a sociopathic imposter. As it stands, Gabriel runs the family business, a formidable aerospace parts wholesaler called Gold Dynamics. Gabriel, unbeknownst to everyone but Goldy, is a master manipulator and was the catalyst for the illegal activity that tore the neighborhood apart and sent Goldy to jail.

Gabriel lied to Goldy and used him to expand his criminal empire while working to remove Goldy from the picture. Gabriel has continued on unchecked for five years using the untarnished reputation of Gold Dynamics as a front for the cartel’s criminal activity. It’s a chess match for Gabriel, as Goldy is the one person standing between him and his outright ownership of Gold Dynamics. To Goldy, Gabriel is trying to steal what he believes is rightfully his, the ownership of Gold Dynamics.

From their shared past, Goldy and Gabriel hold secrets over each other that could destroy the other. Goldy can’t finger Gabriel in fear of incriminating himself further, and Gabriel must keep his connection to the illegal activity hidden from Leland from fear of losing his position before he gains full control. It’s a game of blackmail, manipulation, and self-preservation. This is all under the nose of Leland who must soon choose who to give the reins of the company to. So, in an effort to establish himself as worthy in Leland's eyes, Goldy sets out to discover evidence that will sink Gabriel.

Piece by piece, Goldy gathers clues and uncovers the corruption being orchestrated by Gabriel. All the while Gabriel continues to taunt Goldy, unflinching in his evil ways, knowing that any physical retaliation would send Goldy back to jail. Goldy must make the most difficult decision of his life, testing his new found faith to the core. Yet, pummeling Gabriel into dust and inheriting a business built on crime would conflict with his faith. Goldy decides to turn Gabriel over to the authorities, inevitably leading to the business being exposed as front for the cartel, and enters into bankruptcy. Horrified at Goldy’s decision, Leland disowns Goldy. Goldy turns away from Leland and his support, and embraces the people who have truly been there for him throughout everything, Cambria and his son. Goldy learns that he cannot serve both God and mammon and accepts that he mustn’t do anything on his own. Instead, it’s only through Christ’s leading that a man finds his way.

In June 2023, I served as Media Consultant for Canal 27 in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Canal 27 is a television ​broadcasting service that has been a stable in Guatemala for over 25 years. As the premiere TV station for Christian ​news, affairs and programs, Canal 27 is launching an original content division. My role as Media Consultant will be to ​analyze current budgets, trends, resources and logistics to set new KPIs in AV services for new media, narrative and ​podcasting.


In October 2022 I converted a rustic family estate into a boutique studio Hansen Heights. We offer location, ​production, equipment, casting and design to filmmakers, music videos, photographers and creators. We quickly ​became a local LA favorite for thriller, horror and period productions. Our rustic appeal and unique accentuating ​features have already hosted the likes of Hulu, Maxim Magazine, Tayler Holder, Blame My Youth, LilCJ Kasino, Syd ​Palmeri and many more indie and up and coming creators.

Easter Bloody Easter from Wally Bird productions made Hansen Heights its “hero house” for the the upcoming ​feature film set to debut in April 2024.

Blame My Youth and director Chris Geider collaborated at Hansen to fulfill all their production needs for "They Only Love You When You're Dead"

Mixed Media Co. director Jordan Tortellero made Hansen his home for Tayler Holder's debut into country music with his hit single "It's You"


In early 2022 I served as Segment Producer and Project Manager for YouTube sensation Mr. Beast. I collaborated with Director Tyler Conklin on production and creative assets for video segments that required complex welding, construction, logistics, lighting, scheduling and budgeting. Jimmy (Mr. Beast) was on the cusp of 100M subscribers and some extraordinary videos at an expeditious pace were accomplished as we marched towards the 100M mark.

In late 2021, I collaborated as actor/writer with wildly inventive D2C media company Bacon & Eggs in a hilarious advert for

Legion Supplements. The spot was very successful with a significant viral and consumer market response.


I spent a majority of the 2010 decade collaborating with long-time friend and mentor Nick Chiodini. I served as Creator/Showrunner, Producer and Acquisitions & Development for TV, film, reality, digital and D2C brands. Our show Recruiter was produced by Jay & Tony and Relativity Media. I contributed on a slew of award-winning 'real people' adverts for companies such as Converse, AT&T, vitaminwater and Burger King.

I served as Creator, Showrunner and Director on Recruiter, a concept I created based on People Farm Casting Co. (Jay & Tony Show in association with Relativity Media)

From the MTV Vault: My entertainment career began at MTViacom in Santa Monica, CA. I was in the trenches, making quotas, stacking casting one-sheets and winning hot-dog eating contests. I earned the nickname "Mad Ron" for my tenacity in maintaining my coveted spot as Casting Associate in the MTV glory days of Punk'd, Jackass and Cribs. The journey forged at Viacom International Media Networks led to a flourishing career as a Casting Director with Bravo, Lifetime, E!, NBC, Playboy TV, Spike, HGTV, National Commercials and more...


From 2009 - 2017, alongside my work with People Farm, I founded XOXO Films. We were an independent film company in which I served as Lead Creative, Producer, Writer, Actor and Casting Director. I secured funding for projects and saw them through from concept to completion.

5AM debuted at LA film festival in 2015. I served as Executive Producer, Producer, Writer and Actor.

Deer Head Valley won best screenplay at Charlotte Film Festival. I served as Producer, Writer and Actor.

Guillermo debuted with a standing ovation and had a great festival run receiving overwhelming positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. I served as Producer, Writer and Actor.

Smooch My Smackers debuted at LA Shortsfest in 2010, had a great festival run and received very positive reviews from audiences and critics. I served as Producer, Writer and Actor.


Me, We!

(Muhammed Ali)

I was born in Burbank, CA and raised in Long Island, NY and Palm Beach, FL. I graduated from Cal State, Long Beach where I concentrated on Marketing and Philosophy.

I fell in love with surfing and surf culture at the age of 14 and was never the same. I got sponsored, competed locally and dreamed of being the next Kelly Slater. Shortly after, icons like Muhammed Ali and Bruce Lee further fascinated me. As a teenager, I surfed, exercised and imitated my favorite hero in silly home movies.

My youthful exuberance for exotic surf locales led to many travels, many cultures and an unquenchable curiosity for human-beings and their stories. I'm passionate about storytelling, art, podcasts, data, emerging technologies and best-in-class branding and marketing. I find absolute joy collaborating with creative people on short and long form content.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.

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